April 27, 2015

We Are Approaching the 3 Year Anniversary of the End of the Great Recession

Great Recession Ends

In a couple of weeks, we will see the three year anniversary of the end of the Great Recession, which was the worst economic crisis to hit the United States since the 1930's and ran from December of 2007 through June of 2009.  (For those of you who aren't familiar with the definition of the term recession, it refers to a period when a nation's economy, as measured by Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, shrinks for two consecutive business quarters.) Prior to the most recent downturn, the United … [Read more...]

When You Borrow Money, You Are Renting Someone Else’s Savings

Promissory Note Borrowing Money

When people talk about "borrowing money", it isn't entirely accurate.  What is really happening is renting someone else's property.  It doesn't matter if you are talking about credit card debt or student loan debt. Imagine I own a $100,000 lake cabin.  You want to take your family on a vacation this summer, so you approach me and say, "I see you have this piece of property.  I'd like to temporarily take possession of it, for an agreed upon length of time (2 weeks), and in exchange, I will retur … [Read more...]

What Hitler Couldn’t Accomplish Through Eugenics, Society Has Effectively Done Through Incentives

Hitler Eugenics Intellectual Elite and Associative Mating

The United States is facing a significant cultural challenge driven by basic biology that could radically redefine our socioeconomic structure.  That isn't hyperbole, it's a statement of fact. Several years ago, I began reading research papers, essays, and other data on assortative mating patterns in human populations.  In essence, people want to be around people who are like them.  Often, people want to marry, and have children with, people who are like them.  Before the rise of fast tra … [Read more...]