October 25, 2014

The Businesses

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Private Business Holdings

I have no active day-to-day role in the businesses, instead serving as a passive investor with a seat on the Board of Directors for each firm.  Each business is operated by its own management team from its own office with its own legal structure, tax filings, licenses, etc.  For more information, please contact the companies directly.

Mount Olympus Awards, LLC is one of the world’s leading letterman jacket, varsity jacket, and custom chenille award companies.  It operates through multiple divisions including the flagship retail brand, Mount Olympus Awards, which sells directly to consumers with no minimums, fast delivery, and attractive prices.  Through MOA Team Supply, it offers factory direct pricing on a wholesale basis to athletic directors, coaches, schools, clubs, teams, businesses, corporations and other qualified organizations.  The official corporate site can be found at MOA Varsity.

Kennon & Company Retail Stores in development, Kennon & Company is a luxury gift store located in the Midwest.  The online division, Kennon Home Accessories, operates as a legally separate entity through a division of Mount Olympus Awards.  The upscale retailer sells everything from diamond tipped fountain pens and cashmere scarves to luxury shaving sets, gifts for men, home decor, fine jewelry, and collectibles.

Kennon Green Enterprises, LLC was established to serve as a holding company to our intellectual property including copyrights, trademarks, patents, software royalty licenses, cash, stocks, bonds, and other assets.  It has no direct sales or operations, no employees, and no day-to-day function other than collecting dividends, interest, and other streams of cash from the assets held in its treasury.  It may, from time to time, engage in proprietary capital trading in stocks, bonds, real estate, arbitrage, workouts, derivatives, and other securities.  The holdings, details, structure, and specifics of this company are confidential and will not be discussed.  The official corporate site can be found at Kennon Green Enterprises.

Cherrywood Capital Group, LLC is a start-up specialty investment company that focuses on a variety of activities including digital content distribution.

Public Securities Investments

In the words of Warren Buffett, good investment ideas are rare and subject to competition.  As a general rule, we do not discuss our activities in the public securities markets, even for positions we have sold (because we may repurchase them in the future if the price is attractive).  Some of our strategies involve complex options trades and other positions that are in no way appropriate for the average investor.