April 27, 2015

Antique Dealers, Copper Coffee Pots, Copper Pans, and Christmas Shopping

A few hours ago, I jumped up and yelled for Aaron after suddenly remembering there was an antique consigner that I had meant to stop by yesterday (unfortunately, I arrived a few minutes after they closed their doors last night).  He said he could go with me, finishing his work later, so we got in my car, drove to the dealer, and began working our way through aisles and aisle of consigned goods.  Most of it wasn’t my cup of tea, but there were certainly some treasures hidden amongst the merchandise.  In addition to picking up some early Christmas gifts, I found a few things for my home renovation and upgrades.  

Oh, and the barstools arrived today!  I am thrilled with them.  Later in the evening, my mom came over for several hours to visit since we’ve all been so busy we’re out of our usual routine.  Following that, I approved a small grant from the Kennon & Green Foundation to a local animal shelter.

 I’m trying to get quite a bit finished before this weekend, when my time is committed to multiple Christmas parties and get-together for friends and family.  I’m very behind on correspondence for the Mail Bag and I’d like to get to those, at some point, as well.

Copper Coffee Pot with Corning Glass

We found this fantastic copper coffee pot with tempered Corning glass at the antique dealer. It has a spot for chafing fuel to keep warm during table service. I'm tracking down several additional sets for hosted brunches so the juices are all in these containers, which, when combined with the wrought iron and tufted leather sofas, has a hint of Steampunk aesthetic to it.

Serving Table Dish

I need to find a good set of chafing dishes so whenever dinner is held at my home for guests, it can remain table-side and warm. I liked this one but it wasn't nice enough and wasn't part of a set. One of the reasons I want chafing dishes is to be able to serve brunch on the upper balcony at home during regular get-togethers.

Plaid Purse and Chanel No 22

I bought my niece a plaid purse and also picked up an older, unused bottle of Chanel No. 22, the fragrance that was released the year after Chanel No. 5 was put on the market by Coco herself. I thought it would make a nice addition to the fragrance cabinet's Chanel selection.

Jesus Icon Painting

There was also a painting of an icon of Jesus with a spanish translation of a verse from the book of John that I picked up.

Ruffoni Copper Pots and Pans

My households Christmas-gift-to-itself this year was a set of Ruffoni copper pots and pans. There was a great sale going on so I placed my order tonight to take advantage of it. They are hand-hammered and crafted by artisans in Italy. It is a family-owned company and has been for generations, passing down knowledge. I love that. The only down side is they won't be delivered until January 25th. I was going to add the stainless steel ones, as well, but the direction has turned decidedly copper so these will look best in the space. Who knows? I might mix and match the styles, ultimately.

Update: The next day, I changed my order, instead going with the Mauviel Professional Copper Cookware 2.5 mm thick 10-piece set and several stainless steel Ruffoni cookware pieces as my core set

  • KansasKate

    Would love to know where the consignment antiques dealer is, if you’re inclined to share. MTIA.