March 27, 2015

Attending a College Graduation Ceremony This Morning

We were supposed to have breakfast with Jimmy this morning but we ran late because I was still really, really under the weather and trying to drag myself out of bed.  You may remember him; he works for a major opera company in the United States and was a Fulbright scholar with whom we attended college.  We ended up meeting him at the Princeton University Chapel, which had been rented by Westminster, the music school of Rider University, for a commencement ceremony.  The three of us were guests of one of the speakers so we were able to arrive very near to the start time and still get whisked to the front, which was nice.

Princeton University Chapel

The organ in Princeton University Chapel ... I always loved hearing it during the Readings and Carols concert put on by Westminster during the Christmas season.

Chapel Stained Glass

I still remember performing in this space as an undergraduate student. At the time, we were playing Kingdom Hearts and I was buying shares of American Eagle Outfitters. That would have been my sophomore year of college. It brings back very fond memories.

The New Graduates Walk

We applauded the new graduates as they walked to great fanfare down the aisle and out of the chapel.

After the ceremony, Aaron and I made our way over to Olive’s, a little gourmet deli and grocery store near Witherspoon street.  I got a chicken and rice burrito with sour creme and a cherry soda; Aaron ordered some sort of olive oil penne pasta.  We walked to the parking garage and ate in the rental car before heading over to the nearby music school campus for Rider University, where we were supposed to have a rehearsal for an event tonight at which we are speaking.

  • FratMan

     Joshua, I had a quick question for you about the recent LinkedIn IPO. Most pundits have been cheering the quick doubling of the stock, claiming that it bodes well for future social media IPOs and investors interested in social media. But aren’t such extreme fluctuations out of the gate bad? Didn’t the LinkedIn people get screwed b/c their company wasn’t properly valued? But by the same token, I have read that IPOs are what make these executives rich, so I would love it if you could shed some light on the topic.

    • Joshua Kennon

       Yes.  If I took my company public and saw that kind of upward movement on the first day, it would indicate to me that the underwriters didn’t do their job and my company lost a considerable amount of investment capital that could have been raised.  I’d be furious and probably never do business with the investment bankers involved again.