April 27, 2015

Baby CJ Has Gotten So Big Since We Last Saw Him!

One of my (and Aaron’s) friends from high school had a baby ten months ago. A few days after he was born, we visited her house and said hello to the new guy. We got to see him again today for the first time since then and he has gotten so big! And he actually had chubby cheeks, just like a baby is supposed to have!

Joshua Holding Baby CJ

This was less than a year ago, a few days after Baby CJ was born ...

Baby CJ Playing the Piano

A much bigger CJ playing the piano ...

It’s crazy how fast time flies. I’m only 28 but I’m starting to think … okay, maybe I should start considering / thinking about having kids … they are just awesome! I think I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon working on new articles for About.com and reading. There are also some personal correspondences to which I need to respond. I might go to the gym, too, to make up for the family dinner yesterday.