April 19, 2015

Back to Business …

Mr. Monopoly Jumping for JoySeriously, I am not running a food blog but those of you who know me keep calling and asking why I haven’t posted each day’s food selection because you want to know what we are having so you can try it yourself.

I know we eat, and live, extremely well but I really don’t like having to drop everything to go grab a camera before enjoying a red wine coq au vin from Julia Child.  I’d like to get back to sitting in the dining room with my nightly stock reports and studying as I eat, not worrying about getting food shots for the blog (which is mostly my life, which is mostly business, investing, finance, politics, music, and other things) so I have to return my focus to more germane matters.

Don’t worry (and don’t call me in a panic) … I’ll still continue to post our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners … just not to the point that I look like I’m an employee of The Food Network.