April 23, 2014

You Have to Try This Recipe for Red Potatoes with Lemon and Chives

Delicious Braised Red Potatoes with Chives and Lemon Recipe

For my fellow cooks out there, America's Test Kitchen has published a recipe for braised red potatoes with lemon and chives that is beyond delicious.  It immediately became our permanent recipe.  I can't imagine having them any other way now that I've experienced these.  I highly recommend you go get the recipe for yourself.  It's simple, but the preparation they use makes all the difference. … [Read more...]

Pierpont’s Restaurant in Union Station

Creme Brulee with Berries

Aaron's mom hadn't been to the symphony here in town since the new performing arts center opened so we decided to take her to dinner and a performance.  I completely forgot it was tonight because I started my first Korean drama in two months a few days ago and had scheduled some time to watch more episodes without interfering with work.  (The last one I watched was Pasta back in January so I made it almost 60 days without giving in to the temptation to begin another until Heirs started calling to … [Read more...]

Spaghetti Aglio E Olio and Screaming Koreans

Spicy Spaghetti Aglio E Olio with Sun Dried Tomatoes

Back in October when I fell off the Korean Drama bandwagon, there was a suggestion in the comments that I watch a show called Pasta.  Needing something to do while I was on the in the gym, I once again thought, "Ah ... just one episode".   I'm 18 hours into it.   The problem with watching a show centered on Italian cooking is that 1.) everyone in this household cooks well, which is no secret, and 2.) a huge portion of the show is about fights or conflicts regarding dishes.  In one, the chefs we … [Read more...]

Loren the Amazon Princess, Pot Roast, and Snow Days

Loren and Saren Amazon Princess

With the holidays concluded, too many Thanksgiving, Christmas, and reunion dinners to count, endless nights with family and friends, and the bulk of the busy season behind us in the businesses, we spent today in our pajamas as the snow fell outside, cooking a pot roast and working on some projects we wanted to finish.  (Technically, we still have one Christmas celebration left, which was postponed until later this week.) I did a terrible job keeping up on the blog during this time - there were … [Read more...]

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

We've been so busy that we don't even have a Christmas tree up, yet (even finding time to update this site is proving difficult).  That's what made it extra special when the first bit of Christmas cheer showed up last night.  Our kitchen began churning out batches of the monstrously large gourmet chocolate chip cookies that are every bit as delicious as the cinnamon rolls.  These things are insanely good; with almost as many calories as a Big Mac, three times the cost of most chocolate chip co … [Read more...]

The Plan to Eat Software We Use To Run Our Kitchen Is 50% Off for the Next 24 Hours

Plan to Eat Meal Planner

One of the ways we save a tremendous amount of money, manage to cook so much delicious food without a lot of hassle, and keep everything well-organized is a software as service platform called Plan to Eat.  It's a fantastic subscription that allows you to import or enter recipes from any web browser, including nutritional information and per-serving cost data, group dishes by type, then drag meals to a huge calendar to plan your month (or even year).  Whenever you want to go to the grocery st … [Read more...]

Baking a Granny Smith Apple Pie for Thanksgiving on a 100+ Year Old Pie Board

Granny Smith Apple Pie on Pie Board Copyright Joshua Kennon

I was up almost all night baking and cooking so my part of Thanksgiving dinner today was ready without having to rush.  I finished the corn chowder my brother made me promise half a dozen times I was going to make, then followed it with a granny smith apple pie that my mom wanted, the recipe found during my pie obsession last year by combining a vodka-based pie crust with an apple filling smothered in a brown sugar, white sugar, and butter mixture that then gets baked at varying temperatures. … [Read more...]

Dinner at The Providence New American Kitchen at the Hilton President in Downtown Kansas City

Providence New American Kitchen Restaurant Kansas City Meatloaf

Aaron, Caleb, Tara, and I are in downtown Kansas City because later this evening, we are meeting Matthew and his wife Jaclynn at the Lyric Opera of Kansas City to see the premier of Mozart's The Magic Flute.  Arriving early, we realized we hadn't eaten anything and picked a nearby restaurant that had decent reviews; the Providence New American Kitchen at the Hilton President. The verdict: It was good, the price was more than reasonable (I think after sales tax and tip, it worked out to $35 or le … [Read more...]

Aaron’s Birthday Dinner Was a Success

French Braised Short Ribs

For his 31st birthday this week, Aaron presented me with the menu he wanted me to make for his dinner.  I was happy to oblige, especially given the birthday dinner he gave me.  He was very specific, requesting: Main Course - Slow-roasted, French-style braised short-ribs simmered in a red wine reduction with carrots and onions, served over handmade, rough-cut egg noodles Dessert - Pumpkin cheesecake with graham cracker crust, topped with bourbon whipped cream He was also kind enough to fin … [Read more...]

The Zojirushi Mr. Bento Lunch Jar is The Most Amazing Thing Ever

Mr Bento Lunch Jar Zojirushi Amazing

Okay, hyperbole aside, I owe the discovery of this extraordinary lunch jar / lunch box to my Korean Drama obsession, where it made several appearances across multiple series.  How are these lunch jars not standard lunch boxes in the United States?  They are superior in every conceivable way to the lunch box structure we use, taking efficiency to a whole new level. The compact, thermal design means you can have multiple courses or different dish types, some hot, some cold, isolated from each o … [Read more...]