Coca-Cola DRIP UTMA Age of Maturity

My Youngest Sister’s Coca-Cola UTMA Matured: A Celebration Dinner

My Youngest Sister’s Coca-Cola UTMA Matured: A Celebration Dinner At long last, the day has arrived.  My youngest sister, twelve years my junior, turned 21.  This means the UTMA gift I made to her through an initial birthday transfer of a framed share of The Coca-Cola Company, and that my parents largely funded via the Coca-Cola Direct Stock Purchase…

Stuffed Pepper Recipe with White Rice, Olive Oil, Roasted Onions, Ground Beef, Garlic, Diced Tomatoes, Monterey Jack Cheese, Black Pepper, and Fresh Parsley

While I picked up some shares of Johnson & Johnson stock for one of our personal accounts today and worked on the launch of the global asset management business, Aaron decided to make a stuffed pepper recipe he told me last night he wanted to try. I’m so glad he did because they are incredible. You need to make them yourself.

Josh and Aaron Grilling Chicken and Vegetables at Night

Night Grilling and 11,869 Words of New Content at on Trust Funds, Teaching Kids About Money, and Investing Wisely

It’s evening here and we are having dinner a bit late.  Aaron grilled skinless bone-in chicken along with fresh onions and Anaheim peppers (the latter of which my father-in-law grew in his garden, kindly supplying us with a cache that will take us quite awhile to get through) after he came back from a run while I’m working…