April 19, 2015

Dinner at a Local Pizzeria

We were both hungry and I wanted to get out for a few hours, so Aaron and I ran to a local pizzeria to have dinner. My parents called and ended up meeting us there to eat with us, then gave me some more gifts for my birthday last week (which I loved).

Driving to Get Pizza

Aaron and I wanted to get out so we grabbed some books we were reading and started driving to a nearby pizzeria.

Coca-Cola Glasses at the Pizza Restaurant

The waitress brought our drinks and plates before the pizza was finished. My parents called me and then stopped by to eat with us and give me some clothes they had bought for my birthday.

Started Goldman Sachs Partnership Book

I started reading The Partnership, which chronicles the history of Goldman Sachs.

Aaron Reading the Tim Gunn Book

Aaron was reading the new Tim Gunn book. I'm going to read it after he's finished.

My Parents at the Pizzeria

My parents stopped by and had dinner with us. My mom's season ticket holder status for the Kansas City Chiefs is now influencing her clothing choices. She's trying to make it another 5 days until the next game.

Supreme Pizza

I ordered supreme pizza, while Aaron preferred sausage and pepperoni.

Clothes from my Parents for My Birthday

My parents bought me some clothes that they hadn't given me on my birthday. I love them. But, then again, argyle makes me happy.