April 26, 2015

I’m Back! No More Missing-in-Action

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Victory!  This month has been a beast but I conquered it.  I have reviewed the Federal and state tax filings for my household and directly held businesses, approved the checks to be sent off to the United States Treasury, and submitted digital scans of all of the confirmation and documents back to the accountants.  Maybe now I’ll actually have time to, you know, write something on this site and not be missing-in-action as I have been for most of April.

White Lilac Bushes

I've been working on picking landscaping options. I had no idea white lilac even existed, nor that it was so fragrant it attracts massive amounts of butterflies.

It’s been a productive, if not frustrating, month.  The past couple of days, I’ve been consolidating and restructuring the email accounts that come into my personal and business devices as I rock out to Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black, Bruno Mars’ Grenade, and Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) of Glee’s Warbler’s Somewhere Only We Know.  

I’m also working on a little coding project that will allow me to hear a cash register sound every time a customer places an order on any of our businesses.  I haven’t figured out how to account for the other income (dividends from stocks, publishing profits, etc.) but I can get to that later.   

Sperry Top Siders and Pink Gingham Shirt

The spring and summer wardrobe is being ordered and should be on its way within a week or two. This year is casual. Plus, I'll be in Florida, New Mexico, Texas, and the south quite a bit and I'm not too keen on wearing sports coats, suits, or sweaters unless I am at least above the Mason Dixon line.

I’ve been busy personally – Easter dinner, attending a church play my sister and brother-in-law wrote, produced, and starred in earlier this week, running around Kansas City with friends from elementary school, the regular standing brunch with friends from high school, finalizing this year’s vacation plans, etc.  A repeat of Disney World is on the books, which I briefly mentioned a few weeks ago, and I have a wedding Santa Fe coming up.  I’m looking forward to both.  Oh, and later this year I get to celebrate both my 30th birthday and the 11 year anniversary of settling down with the love of my life.  I also need to head up to Iowa and Nebraska for some personal business that needs to be finished before Autumn rolls around and the expansions go into full force.  

The home renovations are coming along nicely, although some of the furniture has now been delayed until June, making it six months since I ordered it.  The Carl Barks Scrooge McDuck collection expanded.  I’ve been toying around with some music compositions in a Southern rock-a-billy style, which is a lot of fun.  I’d like to try to get to Europe some time this winter but I’m not sure how I can get that in the schedule with everything we have planned.  

Several of the folks from college wanted to come visit as house guests so the home will be filled with old friends off and on for the next few months, which is awesome.  

The spring and summer wardrobe changes are also in the works.  I’m thinking this look for 2012 (see sidebar), especially since I will be spending a lot of time south of Mason Dixon line.  

I’m working on the landscaping order because the spouse and I decided we wanted rose bushes that had been grown in the shape of trees.  Augmented the fragrance collection … trying to catch up on reading.  I’m still Facebook free almost three months later and loving it.  

What else …?  It’s been a few days and I am wildly in love with the Samsung Galaxy Note phone running Android.  As much as I love Apple, I could never go back to my iPhone unless it had the same screen dimensions.

The mail bag submissions have been great these past few weeks.  I have responded to a lot of you in private messages, lately, which is normally always a pleasure.  I’m hoping to get a lot of them online in the future.

That is pretty much it.  I need to block off some time to go back through the to-be-published semi-final drafts on the backend of the site, which now exceed 300+ posts on everything from the special bank dividends that are being paid by several of the big institutions to the upcoming Presidential race this November.

  • Crabhooves

    Welcome back Joshua! I’m glad it’s been a productive month for you. I think you’ll enjoy the cash register sound, my younger brother owns an internet business and whenever someone makes a purchase his phone announces it “Ka-ching” and everyone who hears it smiles :) I hadn’t noticed your absence, I’ve been sick for most of April and March so my RSS reader is bulging, i think I’ve got about 15 articles of yours to read – all in good time!

    • Joshua Kennon

      I’m sorry to hear that; hope you feel better!