April 27, 2015

I Bought a Breuer Shirt and a Brioni Tie from Saks This Morning

After playing the Bosendorfer Imperial grand piano this morning, Aaron and I went to Saks’  flagship store on Fifth Avenue.  I did a little bit of shopping by purchasing a shirt from shirtmaker Breuer and a Brioni tie.   These are a great addition to the four Charvet ties I bought at Bergdorf Goodman yesterday night.

Shirt from Saks

I bought a beautiful Breuer shirt from Saks. It actually fit just as well as the ones I normally have made custom, which was surprising.

Brioni Tie Box Saks

The Brioni tie was wrapped and ready for transport back to Kansas City.

Saks Fifth Avenue Brioni Tie

I opened the package just to get a picture of the Brioni tie so everyone could see ...

Brioni Tie from Saks Fifth Avenue

The Brioni tie was beautiful and I bought it to go with the shirt.

  • Aunt Donna

    Remember writing this Joshua?    LOL
      I can’t wait to be able to wear Brioni, but, God willing, that won’t
    happen until I’m 40 years old managing a publicly traded company in a
    skyscraper somewhere. There is no way I’m parting with investment
    capital for clothes like that yet. It isn’t going to happen.

    • Joshua Kennon

       Haha!  You mean on the caption of one of the pictures on this page?  Yes.  And I still mean it.  I cannot justify, given that I am still very, very young, giving up the compounding value of a lot of money by spending it on excessive luxuries.  But I’m thinking Brioni suits.

      But I thought – hey – it’s only one tie!  Still, I found a way around it so I didn’t have to feel bad about the investments I wouldn’t be able to buy by spending capital.  I called American Express and had them 2nd-day-air ship a $750 gift certificate to Bergdorf Goodman by redeeming 75,000 points against my account.  That way, when I bought the four Charvet ties, the shirt, the Brioni tie, etc., I may have spent $1,400 or so but only $650 came out of my pocket because the other $750 was FREE from American Express!  If I lived in New York and could have timed the sales right, I’m pretty sure I could have gotten almost all of it for 80% or 90% off with virtually no money coming out of my pocket.

      Even though I can afford this sort of thing, I feel a bit silly paying $1,400 for five ties and a shirt.  I’d rather spend 100x that amount on something to make my businesses more profitable and generate even more investment capital.  But they are so worth it.  

      The calculus changes when I am in my 40’s because I have less time to compound my money so each dollar is less valuable to me in terms of future utility.  But from time to time, I may slip up between now and then 😉

      • Aunt Donna

         Joshua, you know there is no way I could love you any more than I do now!! 

        I thought it was one (1) tie and now you tell me it was five (5)? GULP!!!

  • Jaihoo


    if you ever wanna recycle your tie wardrobe b4 christmas….please contact me :)

    • Joshua Kennon

      Welcome to the site!