April 26, 2015

I Think Castiel Has Angelic Aspbergers

You know how we watch different television shows at the office while we work?  It’s just a carry over from the now-distant college years.  We’ve gone through almost every series you can imagine on Hulu and Netflix, DVD and on-demand, even blast-from-the-past 1980’s hits like Mr. Belvedere, sentimental religious shows like Touched By an Angel, and modern bizarro Japanese anime things that make no sense to me whatsoever.  

It’s more for background noise distraction as we read or study.  Traditionally, none of us watch a lot of television save for three of four series in the summer.  Instead, we have sort of a general idea of what some shows are about because we might have caught different glimpses as it was on the screen.

Lately, we have been working our way through Supernatural.  I mentioned its subliminal plot to make me crave Chicago deep dish style pizza.  Anyway, I have decided the greatest insult of all time is when Castiel had to distract Michel before throwing a molotov cocktail of holy fire on him and he screamed, “Hey.  Ass-Butt!”  

I am now convinced that he has the angelic version of Aspergers.  He is one of my favorite characters of any series.  If they ever remake Touched by an Angel, I demand Cass be teamed up with Roma Downey.  She can go around telling everyone in her charming accent, “God loves you” and he can be her backup, throwing flaming bottle bombs with awkwardly delivered insults whenever trouble appears.

In the event that I ever find myself in a fight with an archangel, I now know how to defeat him thanks to Castiel.  

Hey Ass Butt

(This putting-television-shows-on-in-the-background-for-ambient-noise leads to interesting situations … like the time we were a startup and installed a new top-of-the-line television system to celebrate our first real success.  It was mainly for video games but during the workday, we would put on shows.  At the time, we were in the middle of Sex and the City or maybe it was Six Feet Under.  Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to us that the only sounds that would make it through the wall due to the better speakers would be high frequencies, which means the … adult … scenes.  To this day, I think the buttoned-up, socially awkward bookkeeper next door thinks we were hosting bacchanalia.  It took us a few weeks to figure out the reason he suddenly began looking at the floor and getting embarrassed in the hall.  The misunderstanding was too funny to correct.) 

  • archont

    Either you’re a genius and multitasking prodigy or the activity you’re doing with the TV on isn’t very thought-intensive. As a coder I’ve learned that background music does help in focusing but only well-known music (nothing you haven’t heard before) – in addition vocals or instruments with a similar frequency are distracting.

    I couldn’t get into the flow/coding trance with a random TV series in the background.

    • Ian Francis

      Yea, I cannot do coding unless there is no music or TV. Form design, and the like are fine with sound, but anything involving problem solving like writing actual code needs silence, or at least ambient background noise. It really depends on the work being done.