April 21, 2015

Introducing Bubba Watson’s Hovercraft Golf Cart

Humanity’s ingenuity is amazing.  Bubba Watson developed a hovercraft golf cart that has a fraction of the pressure of the human foot, meaning no damage to the golf course, the ability to go over the water hazards … this makes me so happy.  I hope they go to market soon and make an obscene amount of money. (Hat tip to Ian for the link.)

My brother is going to want one of these.

  • Pascal

    What a great product! I hope there will be a demand for it and that it will be successful.

    This leads me to a question for Mr. Kennon: If someone has an idea like this and thinks he/she can make money from it, what is the best course of action? Finding a company that can manufacture it and then sell it to a retailler, or sell the idea itself to a company? Or are there other options you can recommend?

    (P.S English is not my native language, my apologies if i made any mistakes)

  • Eric


  • Michael Starke


    I’m one of those people he was talking about at the end… I would play a round of golf (which I abhor) just for the opportunity to drive one of these.