April 22, 2015

My Mom at the Billy Joel and Elton John Concert

My mom at the Elton John and Billy Joel Concert

My mom at Fran's Diner in Kansas City before the Billy Joel and Elton John concert trying not to scream with excitement about seeing her "little fat man" (aka Elton John) in less than an hour. (This is the same woman, by the way, that, along with my father, started a sporting goods manufacturing company in a 200 square foot garage more than 16 years ago with nothing but a $4,500 equipment lease, while pregnant with her 4th child, growing it to one of the largest of its kind in the industry.)

My mom wasn’t allowed to go see Elton John as a kid.  She came from a very fundamentalist household and seeing a “homosexual” wasn’t something God’s people did, or so they were told.  So, she would wait up at night and watch him on television instead of going to bed.  Once she was old enough, she had all of his albums and when he walks out on stage (she’s seem him twice – once in 2005 and then again last night), she is able to get some serious volume to her screams of joy.  To this day, she is amazed that she didn’t just sneak out of the house and see him anyway because she loves the man that much.

Before we went to the Sprint Center for the Billy Joel and Elton John concert.  Aaron and I hadn’t eaten dinner, so we stopped in at a place called Fran’s Diner in the new Power and Light District in Kansas City and got a California Wrap with sweet potato fries (me) and chicken strips with traditional home style fries (Aaron).  We had to eat so fast that Aaron burned his throat and I thought I was going to choke.  The doors had opened at 6:30 p.m., apparently, but our food didn’t arrive until 6:55 p.m., so the look on my mom’s face was making us rush.  We finished the whole meal in about 5-7 minutes, including walking out the door and pre-paying the tab, along with tip, almost right after we sat down in the booth.

Kansas City Power and Light District

The new Power and Light District in Kansas City is really nice. If you ever have occassion to be in the city, I recommend checking it out, along with the Country Club Plaza.

We finally made it in the doors, and got seated.  The concert started 15 or 20 minutes late because the line was still halfway around the block.

Afterward, we stopped in at a Perkins because my mom didn’t eat before the concert (she was too excited to eat at the diner with Aaron and I and so hadn’t had anything for more than 12 hours).  She had french toast, while we talked about the concert and some of the other things going on right now with the businesses and life.

It was a great experience.  I really do love my parents.  They taught me to pursue what makes me happy and about which I am passionate.  (Random fact: My father is obsessed with Lady GaGa and listens to her at his office all the time.  Like, he loves her.)