April 28, 2015

This Really Is What I Do All Day …

Joshua Kennon Reading in His Investing Office

It is true ... 90% of the day, I am sitting behind my desk, reading and trying to learn (and, in turn, figure out how I can use that knowledge to do something profitable for Kennon Green Enterprises).  Today marked the start of our busy season.  Coupled with the huge uptick in stocks, it was a nice opening to the last third of the year.  My goal is to keep paying down the small amount of debt we have through regular amortization, continue building our investments and cash reserves, and grow re … [Read more...]

It’s Done! My Sister Is Now Married!

Tyler and my sister, Kelsey, are now legally married!  We are all thrilled because, as my mom and I were discussing  when we got a minute to talk alone in private earlier today, we just fundamentally adore Tyler; his demeanor, his character, his values. There is no one else in the entire world that we would want Kelsey to marry and with whom we'd want her to spend the rest of her life.  As I danced with my sister during the reception, I told her I think she hit the jackpot with this one.  You … [Read more...]

The Sugar Refiner Shares We Own Are Surprising Me (and More Portfolio Updates)

Sugar Company Stock Certificate

I hardly ever talk about the portfolios I manage (the last time was when I added Campbell Soup to the blue chip reserve portfolio in Some Changes In the Portfolio), mostly because investment ideas are rare.  Still, I write about it to the same extent I would be willing to discuss something over coffee with fellow investors so here are some thoughts about what has been going on at Kennon Green Enterprises lately. The shares of the sugar refiner I had one of my businesses buy only 3 months ago … [Read more...]

Kennon Green Enterprises Redesign

Kennon Green Enterprises New Site

As part of our secret project, the Kennon Green Enterprises site was redesigned following the divestiture of two of our retail businesses.  There is still a lot of work to be done on it, but a year from now, it should all be worth it when people find out what we are doing behind the scenes. … [Read more...]

Cherrywood Capital Group Successfully Divested Two of Its Investments

Fountain Pens from Kennon Home Accessories

Phase I of our secret project and my third quarter goals are both going really well, even though I'm spending an inordinate amount of time on the manuscript for my next book, which is a guide to calculating intrinsic value of stocks, bonds, real estate, and other assets. Everything Merging Under the Kennon & Company Brand Remember the $31,000 we spent on the paid search advertising pilot program last September?  Yeah, part of that involved testing various keywords to determine if we were … [Read more...]

Mail Bag – How Does Someone Start Creating Passive Income?

Passive Income from Computers Have Changed the World in the Past 20 Years

Among the thousands of emails and messages I receive regularly, I came across one today that was sent to me on May 17th by Cale P. Here is the question that was posed: I'm a pretty talented IT professional with great salary and a standard quality of living. I've known that I won't be in IT for my whole career, at least I hoped. I have a natural ability to invent and I really would love to own private business(es) to see my decisions in a company flourish. However, I'm unsure of how or when … [Read more...]

How My Grandpa Dennis Could Have Turned His Pepsi Habit Into a 7-Figure Estate

Pepsi Cola Stock

I've written in the past about how nearly every American alive today has been confronted with perhaps a dozen different companies that they knew first hand because they enjoyed using the firm's products for years (in some cases, their whole life) that turned out to be spectacular investments.  Yet, they never thought to research the business and consider becoming an owner. One of the things I think about a few times a year is my paternal grandfather's Pepsi habit.  My dad's side of the family, w … [Read more...]

The Postman Just Brought Gifts

Benjamin Graham on Value Investing Book with a Giorgio Armani Fountain Pen in Gold

The mail just arrived. I have the new Sears Holdings 10K, the Union Pacific 10K, the Panera Bread 10K, the Charles Schwab annual report, and a host of others. How on earth am I supposed to write now? I want to read! … [Read more...]

My Verdict on the Truefitt and Hill Shaving Sets and Shaving Product Line

Grafton Cologne from Truefitt and Hill

We are expanding our shaving section at a retail business we own and one of the things I've been testing is the Truefitt & Hill line of shaving creams, shaving lotions, aftershave, colognes, and other products. It is toward the higher end of the price point when it comes to luxury shaving sets for men (a bottle of aftershave, shaving cream, cologne, and shaving oil would retail for $202.00) but after using it, I don't think I could ever go back to the products I used for most of my … [Read more...]

A Brief Flirtation with a Cinnabon Franchise

Joshua Kennon reading the Cinnabon franchise disclosure document

I mentioned yesterday in the article on Dairy Queen franchise owners that after graduating from college, Aaron and I had looked into putting capital to work by opening several franchises in the town where we grew up.  We thought it would be a good place to invest the money we were earning from our other businesses without having to be involved on a day-to-day basis.  In other cases, we thought it might be a good way to structure companies so that our immediate family members could make an i … [Read more...]