April 28, 2015

The Success of the iPad Will Come Down to App Development

The iBook Store in iPad

Five days or so into my experience with the iPad and it continues to exceed expectations (by far). I've spent somewhere between $120 and $150 in the Apple iTunes App store, which compared to my previous purchases of apps (read: $0), means there is more cash flowing into Steve Jobs' coffers. The overwhelming indication continues to be that the success of the iPad will come down to the applications that software companies develop for it. We bought our iPads for business purposes. As an … [Read more...]

First Impressions of Final Fantasy XIII

Playing Final Fantasy 13 with the Final Fantasy 13 Hardback Collector's Edition Players Guide

I've played Final Fantasy 13 for roughly five or six hours now and it's starting to get good.  The only concern I have is that it is feeling really linear.  Part of the magic of the franchise is being able to take 20 hours and go do side quests, level up and get hidden summons, etc.  I hope they haven't taken that out because it took far too long to get this title on the market and after the utterly forgettable Final Fantasy XII, it would mean that Square-Enix is nothing compared to what it once … [Read more...]

Mistwalker Studios Might Just Eclipse Square Enix


For a long time, I wanted to be a video game programmer.  When I was still in elementary school, I saved up the $200 or so dollars for an entry-level version of Microsoft Visual Basic, went to trade shows to buy software on 5"+ floppy disks, and worked on creating my own version of the original Legend of Zelda in Microsoft Basic.  At some point, however, my obsession with finance overcame everything and the idea of sitting in a skyscraper, reading stock reports, and compounding money for the s … [Read more...]