April 21, 2015

My Super Tycoons Facebook Game Net Worth Just Hit $60 Billion

Super Tycoons Facebook Game Update

The last time I updated you on my Super Tycoons Facebook game exploits, I was rejoicing at increasing my in-game net worth from $100 million to $14 billion between May and August.  This was after I rolled out my flour empire expansion. Ultimately, I decided instead of going for the commodity leader board, I would sell the flour to enter the auto manufacturing industry.  To date, I've harvested 18,176,980 pounds of flour but I only have 4,577,747 pounds on hand.  The figure would be much lower … [Read more...]

It Grew Dark and Windy as the Sun Began to Set in the Distance …

Amazing Sky Directly Overhead During Sunset

As I was inside playing Tales of Vesperia, the sunset was so awe inspiring I was told to put down the controller and go outside to look.  The pictures don't do it justice.  Then, I went to the balcony overlooking the forest and it was awesome because it was growing dark, the trees were rustling in the wind, the wind chimes were playing and ... it was just cool.  It reminded me of all those years ago in college, playing video games with the windows open in the dorm, hearing the sounds outside. … [Read more...]

The Reason the Video Game Industry Is Bigger Than Hollywood

Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia continues to rock my world.  I played for several hours again today after reading wealth reports and working on the upcoming About.com content I've been writing this week (I tend to publish the good stuff over there in big batches because I like for it all to work together and be cohesive).  The rest of my week is going to be consumed by preparing for a Board of Directors meeting with my sporting good company, which will probably be held in Kansas City or Houston, I haven't d … [Read more...]

How to Solve the Trade Deficit – Part III

Knowledge Worker

This is Part III of my special on How to Solve the Trade Deficit.  If you missed the earlier parts, you can read Part I or Part II first. How to Solve the Trade Deficit - Knowledge Workers vs. Manual Workers In many ways, your question about the trade deficit has very little to do with global trade policies and everything to do with the rise of the "knowledge worker" class that Peter Drucker predicted in 1959. Drucker, the management guru who is to executives what Warren Buffett is to … [Read more...]

Note to the Internet: Your and You’re Have Different Meanings

As I read political blogs and other news sites, not a single day goes by without me seeing the contraction for "you are" ("you're") being incorrectly written as "your", which denotes something you own or possess. It absolutely drives me up the wall.  The correct usage isn't difficult to remember: You are = "You're going to the store?" "You're the one who dropped the vase!" You possessive = "Is this your book?" "What about your family?" Now, I am not above reproach.  There have been a h … [Read more...]

I’m In Love with the Millionaire South Korean Coffee Goddess Grandma

Do You Want a Loan Coffee Prince

Whenever we have a major project, there is always a television series or movie playing in the office.  It sort of serves as a deadline (e.g., "We need to get the new pen company launched by the end of the first three seasons of Friday Night Lights").  For us, it works amazingly well. Right now, we are watching a South Korean series that translates as "The First Shop of Coffee Prince", which is  a modern Victor/Victoria where a hardworking young girl is mistaken for a boy because she dresses in … [Read more...]

We’ve Taken Sides in the Johnny Weir v. Evan Lysacek War

Around the office, we discuss weighty issues - recent Supreme Court cases, appropriate regulation of derivatives, pricing of complex options trades, etc.  For the past week, however, the water cooler talk has been the somewhat quasi-feud between Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek. Unfortunately, I've gotten sucked in because as I'm reading Fortune and The Wall Street Journal, a lot of people I know and care about are (I'm sad to say) reading People, US, and the other tabloid magazines.  One can o … [Read more...]

I Finally Understand Buffett’s Comment …

Joshua Kennon reading and investing

When I was a kid, I recall watching a recording of a speech Warren Buffett gave to a college group and he said it would be incredibly boring to watch him work if you had the opportunity to observe Berkshire Hathaway for a day.  When I began building my company, Aaron and I wanted a system put in place so that we could do nothing but read, study, invest, and play video games as we earned ever-increasing sums of cash from our holdings.  That was the mandate. A few minutes ago, I was having an a … [Read more...]

It’s Comforting How Oddly Predictable Humans Can Be on the Small Things

Gold Rimmed Coffee Cup and Saucer with Montblanc Fountain Pen

A few days ago, Aaron got a message from one of our friends, Jimmy, at about 4 in the morning.  We were both still up working on a project that's going to have some fairly large financial ramifications for us in about a year or two, so we happened to read it in near real-time.  Anyway, Jimmy said he wished he could come down to our dorm room, curl up on the lower bunk, as Aaron played video games and I read at my desk, drinking coffee out of a gold-rimmed cup and saucer, reading a book with a n … [Read more...]

How to Make Money in Fable 2 – Or, How I Made My Fable 2 Character a Millionaire in a Few Days Without Cheating

Fable 2 Limited Edition Box Set for XBOX 360

It's remarkable that the same concepts that allowed me to be effectively retired by my mid-twenties allows me to frequently become rich in video games. That's the nature of compounding.  It is a law, exactly like gravity. This weekend, Ashly and Ian drove in from Columbus to visit - they are thinking about relocating to this area next March so that she can work with us on the businesses and he can work as a nuclear engineer at a nearby facility.  Right now, she's a risk mitigation analyst at a … [Read more...]