April 25, 2015

The Sky Just Turned Into a Cutscene from a Japanese RPG

So this is happening outside right now …

Missouri Sky Thunderstorm

Click to enlarge panorama …

It’s moving quickly; the clouds look like they are rolling or boiling, running and cascading over one another as they race across the sky.

I walked around and took pictures of the sky from different directions.  I love weather like this.  There is nothing better than being inside as it is happening, especially if you are in a well-built house that is sheltered from the winds.

Missouri Sky Storm Tops of Houses

The sky to the west …


Midwestern Sky to the East

The sky to the east …

All I can hear in my head is the “Dark Skies & Stormy Seas” theme from Infinite Undiscovery:

I have to go to the office to sign some papers in less than an hour. I’d prefer not to go out in this as it is probably going to get bad. I’d much rather stay at home, looking out the window, working or playing SimCity.

… and there goes the lightning.  And the first drops of rain are starting to fall as leaves blow across the yard.  Yep, this is going to be interesting.  The upshot is, having grown up in the Midwest, this doesn’t feel like tornado weather.  It’s just a bad storm.  Tornado weather … there is something in the air, even when the sky doesn’t look that menacing and, in some cases, the sun could still be partly visible.  You just know it.  Maybe that was having older relatives with farms.  The most eerie is that supernatural green color that happens sometimes.  It’s not always present.  In fact, it’s not actually caused by tornadoes, but severe storms in general; people associate with tornadoes as it is probably the only time in one’s life you are likely to see it, at least if you live anywhere in the United States.  The really scary ones are when it is pitch black, no visible light, screaming winds, and you know a tornado is on the ground somewhere but you can’t see it.  At least during the day, if you are on a giant piece of land with acres of wheat and corn around you, you can see it either forming overhead or coming in the distance so you can run to the storm cellar (which always felt more secure than basements – concrete bunkers buried underground, surrounded by the Earth, with almost no surface area exposed to the winds).

  • Gilvus

    Weirdest color I’ve ever seen was just before a severe hailstorm out in the Montana Bitterroot Mountains. The clouds were exceptionally low and colored a vivid electric blue. The most eerie thing about it was how something deep inside the clouds seemed to glow. The hailstorm only lasted a minute and a half, cutting visibility down to the tens of feet…and as soon as it passed the sun came back out. This was in late July.

    It only took an hour for the hailstones to melt into a slushy mess. We spent that hour throwing hailballs at each other.

    • http://www.joshuakennon.com/ Joshua Kennon

      I’ve never seen electric blue! I’d like to experience that …

  • weixiluo

    Here in Montreal the weather’s a mess, turning from sunny to stormy in five minutes, and just totally ruining Quebec’s National Day for everyone …

    Environment Canada even issued severe warnings for the region.

  • http://odai.me/ Odai

    I was at the arboretum in Overland Park while this was happening. It was kind of nice, though!

  • http://www.joshuakennon.com/ Joshua Kennon

    Good point.

    Have you seen the videos taken from inside of those tornado intercept vehicles? They are cool! http://youtu.be/v075d9Vfqcg

    • Gilvus

      I just had a nerdgasm. I’d love to experience that first-hand, but I’d probably wet myself when the actual tornado passed overhead.