April 18, 2015

The Tornado Outbreak Missed Kansas City

We dodged a weather bullet last night, thank God.  The entire Midwest was under a massive tornado warning that had been issued 24 hours in advance by the National Weather Service.  It was only the second time in history they had done it, the first being in 2006 when 100 tornadoes broke out in a single night.  To be safe, we had all relocated to some of the lower level bedrooms, put aside supplies such as emergency water stores and candles, and kept the weather channel app open on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices sitting on the nightstand so we could check if it seemed to be getting particularly bad outside.  

Other than some crazy wind and a bit of lightning, nothing much happened.  The strong upper level winds made for a beautiful sunset this evening, though … this was the panoramic view when I stepped outside this afternoon.  It was a beautiful view from the window of my home study.

Sunset in the Midwest

Sunset toward the sun ...

Sunset In the Midwest

Sunset further to the other side, away from the sun ...

My grandma came down and spent the day with us, watching The Iron Lady and Love Actually as we had panini sandwiches, black coffee, chips, Coca-Cola, and chocolate pudding for dessert.  Later, I worked on some home renovation stuff, played about half an hour worth of Civilization on the iMac, and then read.  I’m thinking about going through some financial reports this evening.  There is a tremendous amount of work to be done this week and I feel a burst of energy coming.  

  • Andrew

    Well, building wealth is good and all.
    But if you blow yourself away from natural disasters like this tornado, what good is all that wealth? lol

    • Joshua Kennon

      It’s still plenty good.  That’s the great thing about financial success.  It would suck for me (haha, literally in this case) if, God forbid, something happened but I can’t take the money with me.  It would still be here, on this temporal plain, chugging out dividends, interest, and rents for my family and foundation.  I care as much about them as I do myself so it was worth it.

      • Andrew

        Haha, I like your answer! Very Kennon-like!