April 27, 2015

Thierry Mugler, I Love You

Designer Thierry Mugler unvieled the 2010 winter men’s collection and I am seriously considering spending a couple grand and buying the tailored red suit (ref: Look No. 8 – Young American).  I mean, the fact that it isn’t conservative: Who’s going to be stupid enough to say anything to me about it?  I don’t work for anyone and can wear whatever the hell I want.  (Although … wait … this could be like that tie I wore freshman year that Jocelyn hated so much she refused to speak to me whenever I wore it …)

Maybe I’ll make it an incentive like with my other projects …

Thierry Mugler Scarlet Velvet Suit Look No. 8

  • http://ianhfrancis.wordpress.org Ian Francis

    Just to let you know, Ashly and I will not talk to you either while you are wearing this suit because we will be too busy laughing.

    • http://www.joshuakennon.com Joshua Kennon

      Ha! Duly noted. I suppose the suit does somewhat resemble Elmo or College Age Santa Clause.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=24301807 Ashlly Vallimont

    First thought, this suit can be used in so many different ways: add a large hat with a feather and you are a pimp. A red nose and wig, a clown. Big black belt(belt must be oversized and worn very loosely) and Santa hat, the creepiest Santa ever! Now I didn’t think Elmo, that was all you;-) but as always we will love you no matter what. I have never been known to keep my thoughts to myself and I don’t plan on starting with this. But do not use this as a decision making tool, you should always do what makes you happy. Promise!!!!!!

    • http://www.joshuakennon.com Joshua Kennon

      LOL … pimp never even occurred to me. Yes, that would be fantastic for my business image. Maybe we could buy a mattress factory and I could make tacky commercials selling the warez to folks on Route 1 in New Jersey. “Kennon Mattresses – We gonna hook you up!”