March 1, 2015

“Dreams Become Reality One Choice at a Time” – A Lesson on Life, Business, and Money

Country Club Plaza in Kansas City

Isn't that a fantastic quote?  I got it from Tara Beth Workman a few days ago and I've been thinking about it since.  I realize that it is entirely true and that my life is a reflection of that.  All of our lives are reflections of that.  Let me explain. This afternoon, Aaron and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Hall's department store because we were restless and wanted to get out of the office.  Turns out, we hit a major financial milestone so rewarded ourselves by spending just shy of $ … [Read more...]

It’s Comforting How Oddly Predictable Humans Can Be on the Small Things

Gold Rimmed Coffee Cup and Saucer with Montblanc Fountain Pen

A few days ago, Aaron got a message from one of our friends, Jimmy, at about 4 in the morning.  We were both still up working on a project that's going to have some fairly large financial ramifications for us in about a year or two, so we happened to read it in near real-time.  Anyway, Jimmy said he wished he could come down to our dorm room, curl up on the lower bunk, as Aaron played video games and I read at my desk, drinking coffee out of a gold-rimmed cup and saucer, reading a book with a n … [Read more...]