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“Dreams Become Reality One Choice at a Time” – A Lesson on Life, Business, and Money

Isn’t that a fantastic quote?  I got it from Tara Beth Workman a few days ago and I’ve been thinking about it since.  I realize that it is entirely true and that my life is a reflection of that.  All of our lives are reflections of that.  Let me explain.

This afternoon, Aaron and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Hall’s department store because we were restless and wanted to get out of the office.  Turns out, we hit a major financial milestone so rewarded ourselves by spending just shy of $1,100.00 at the Creed fragrance counter.  We called an audible and determined that this reward was more important than finishing the book (no, I’m not going to tell you what it is) so that is why I chose to buy more after my purchase of Creed bois du portugal and Creed original vetiver the other day even though I was supposed to put it off until after the manuscript was complete.

Our Lives are the Sum Culmination of Our Past Choices

Years ago, I told my younger brother that every single choice we make either gets us one step closer to our goals or one step further away from our goals. For example, I am well off financially for a variety of reasons.  I also need to lose roughly 45 lbs. because I made some not-so-good choices and I eat very, very well at restaurants like Ruth’s Chris and such.  My present reality reflects those past choices; some good, some bad.

Small Things Make a Big Difference Over Time

Take the trip to Hall’s this afternoon.  It was part of the incentive system I was telling you guys about and why I’m able to get so much done even though I’m relatively young.  It started in college with small items from Hamilton Jewelers in New Jersey.  Even though dropping $1,100 may seem like a lot of cash for a few bottles of rare French cologne, it is less than a couple who smokes a pack of day spends in 5 weeks! Because we’ve bought bottles in the past, we now have thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of it at the office, as you can see from the picture (and that isn’t even all of them!).