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This personal blog is a hobby of mine that somehow took on a life of its own thanks to people who were interested in what I do and how I work.  If you want to send me a message, the chances are good I’ll read it over my morning coffee.  I try to write back to several people a day and have met some really great people this way, some of whom have helped shape the content and tone of the site.  That isn’t always possible due to the sheer volume of messages I receive but I appreciate those of you who take your time, even if it just to say, “thank you”, or “I disagree with you on this, have you considered…?”.

There are four ways to make sure your message never reaches me.

  1. If you use a fake email address, your message will be deleted before I ever see it.  Please don’t waste your time.  If it is important enough to say, it is important enough to say using a real email account to which a response can be sent.
  2. If you write something like, “I’d like to speak to Mr. Kennon about (insert topic here).  Please have him contact me.”, I’ll never see it.  That is a waste of both of our time – state your business so when and if I do have a chance to respond, we can get directly to the point.
  3. Requests for financial assistance or charitable donations from the Kennon-Green Family Foundation will be deleted before I see it.
  4. If your message is hateful, rambling, or makes no sense, it will be deleted before I see it.

Otherwise, I look forward to hearing from you and, sincerely: thank you for taking the time to write.  Even if you just spotted a small typo that needs to be corrected, I realize your time is valuable and appreciate you helping make the site better.

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