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Thinking About What the Next 40 or 50 Years Look Like

In recent weeks, Aaron and I have come to realize our life is in the middle of another major transition; one so large and transformative that we have come to call it the “Second Founding” as a shorthand to describe the complete overall that is in the midst of unfolding. It’s quick. It’s efficient. We both know what we mean when we say it. In a sense, it feels very much not like we are starting another chapter, but, rather, another book.

Ohio Tax-Favored Home Purchasing Savings Account Details

Ohio Just Created a Tax-Favored Home Purchasing Savings Account Called the Ohio Homeownership Savings Account

Buried thousands of pages within its newly-enacted buget, the State of Ohio just quietly created a new Ohio Homeownership Savings Account program that allows individuals and married couples in the Buckeye State to take a tax deduction in exchange for saving for the purchase of a house. I think this could be the start of something interesting, especially if it takes off across other states and/or the Federal government.