April 18, 2015

A History of the Tiffany & Company IPO and 25 Year Performance for Investors

Tiffany and Company Investment IPO Performance Retail

Imagine it is 1987.  Tiffany & Company is raising money by issuing shares to the public at $23.00 each.  You have some savings and are thinking about starting a business. Instead of running your own enterprise, you decide to focus on your day job and become a co-owner of one of the most famous businesses of all time.  You buy 5,000 shares of the jeweler on the first day of trading.  Ignoring the relatively small brokerage commission, you would have needed to write a check for $115,000.  You w … [Read more...]

I Think Castiel Has Angelic Aspbergers

Hey Ass Butt

You know how we watch different television shows at the office while we work?  It's just a carry over from the now-distant college years.  We've gone through almost every series you can imagine on Hulu and Netflix, DVD and on-demand, even blast-from-the-past 1980's hits like Mr. Belvedere, sentimental religious shows like Touched By an Angel, and modern bizarro Japanese anime things that make no sense to me whatsoever.   It's more for background noise distraction as we read or study.  T … [Read more...]