Joshua Kennon and Aaron Green at Corona del Mar State Beach on October 6, 2018

After Several Months, We Finally Made a Point to Go Stand in the Ocean

Despite living in Southern California for several months, and being only a short distance from the beach, Aaron and I had not, yet, taken the time to go stand in the ocean. It’s not that we didn’t want to make time for recreation – we very much did.  Rather, we figured it would be better to devote ourselves to getting everything spun-up on the West Coast as quickly as possible, doing as much of the heavy lifting as we could handle upfront so it could be done and behind us.  To make this happen, we turned our productivity into a game of sorts, challenging ourselves to hit certain achievements by specific deadlines.  Tracking our days in a spreadsheet comes in particularly handy.

Armstrong's Garden Centers Newport Beach - Monarch Butterfly Closeup

Visiting Armstrong’s Garden Center in Newport Beach

After writing about the incredible Roger’s Gardens in Corona del Mar, I thought it was only fair to point out that Aaron and I also enjoy a place called Armstrong’s Garden Center in Newport Beach.  The business can trace its roots to 1889 and holds a storied place in the history of the global rose industry (and you know we love our roses!).  A few months ago, we stopped in and spotted a Monarch Butterfly hanging out on some flowers.  We took a video …

Roger's Gardens Newport Beach - Bouquets for Sale

Roger’s Gardens in Corona del Mar Is One of My Favorite Places

In Corona del Mar, California there is a place called Roger’s Gardens.  It is one of the coolest businesses I’ve ever seen and within moments of walking through the entrance, Aaron and I knew it was going to be somewhere we spent a lot of time.  In addition to a covered open-air seating full-service restaurant, it is a multi-acre garden, nursery, and retail experience.  You can eat with friends and family, then design your landscaping, pick out themed Christmas wrapping paper, decorate your home, browse baby gifts, buy water fountains, purchase trees, browse planters and urns, and much more – including designing outdoor furniture!  During a few of our trips, we’ve taken pictures and I thought those of you who love gardening and plants as much as we do would appreciate them.