Aaron and Evan

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Ashly had an appointment so we babysat our godson this afternoon.  He was perfect.  He decided my job was Vocabulary-Checker-In-Chief as we spent 45 minutes with him pointing to things (“dat!”) and then making me say the word over and over, sometimes with him running around to find a second copy of the object to make sure I was using the same word.  He repeated a couple of them, but mostly seemed interested in watching me, his little brain working.

Aaron and Evan

Ashly had an appointment so Aaron and I took our godson to lunch. Afterwards, we went over to Downtown Disney to look through the art galleries.

Evan Lunch Storytellers Cafe

We banked on genetics and opted for the kids’ meal that would be most like his dad, Ian, would eat. Fresh salmon, rice, fruit, and a vegetable. He destroyed the Salmon. You would have thought we were feeding him cookies and ice cream.

After he was fed, changed, and in the stroller, we wandered around looking at art and merchandise until his mom came back from her massage at the hotel spa.

Hipster Mickey Art

Every year, I enjoy the Hipster Mickey Art, but I still haven’t bought any. Maybe I’ll put it in my kids’ nursery when we design it.

More Hipster Mickey

Just another Hipster Mickey …

I’m not sure what our plans are for the rest of the day. We need to figure out what we are doing as the fires down South are dying out and we might be able to continue our planned real estate scouting trip, albeit delayed and significantly changed.  Aaron and I went ahead and rented a car, which we pick up tomorrow, but haven’t had time to work out any details.