Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Whipped Cream, and Oreo Pie

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Last night, I adapted the layered pudding Oreo dessert into pie form, making two Oreo pies, which are now sitting in the second refrigerator.  It was the first, and only time, in my life I have ever used a pre-made pie crust dough but the goal is to develop a simplified recipe that anyone can make, even if they can’t cook, in under 20 minutes.  

[mainbodyad]The bottom layer of the pie consisted of chocolate pudding, followed by a layer of crushed Oreos, then a layer of white chocolate pudding, then another layer of Oreos, then a layer of Cool-Whip, then topped with more crushed Oreos.  It is so unbelievably easy that you could teach a 2nd grader to make it.  The entire ingredient list requires only a Pillsbury pie crust, a package of chocolate Jello, a package of white chocolate Jello, a package of Cool-Whip, a package of Oreo cookies, and four cups of whole milk.  Just like the recipe on which it was based, it reminds me of “Aqua net hairspray, fourth of July picnics, fireworks, and backyard family reunions for dozens, or even, hundreds of people” … “the Eisenhower” or Kennedy eras.  It’s so quintessentially a product of a by-gone America; a time when there were only three cable channels and people were talking about going to the moon.

The people in my life are going to be inundated with free pies and pastries as I work out the recipes.  My household can’t possibly eat all of the goods that will becoming out of our kitchen in the next few weeks.

Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Whipped Cream, and Oreo Pie

One of the finished Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Whipped Cream, and Oreo Pies


Oreo Pies on a Cookie Sheet

I worked over a cookie sheet to avoid spilling the pudding during the filling process of making the Oreo pies.

I have some work to get through today, including studying the annual report of one of the biggest food companies in the world, but if I get that done, I hope to make a really complex bourbon cherry pie tonight.  Either that, or a version of homemade Hostess cupcakes.  If I do, I’ll try to document it for future reference.