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We finished our business on the East Coast, though you only saw the personal parts of the trip, and flew back to Kansas City this afternoon.  I’m finally starting to feel better.  Most of the way home, I read magazines such as Architectural Digest and the Harvard Business Review.  I also listened to my iPad music library.

At the Newark Airport

At Newark Airport, riding the monorail to our terminal ...

At Newark Airport Monorail

Riding the monorail to our terminal ...

Hello Kitty Tartan

My mom looked for gifts to bring back when we passed a toy store in the airport. I liked that there was a Hello Kitty that shunned the traditional pink and wore tartan instead. Rebel.

Presidential Lounge

We hung out in the Presidential Lounge, drank cokes, I had a coffee, read, played on our iPads, and then left for our gate to fly back to Kansas City.

When we made it back to Kansas City, the family met at a Mexican restaurant for dinner.