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The house sitters have moved into my townhouse for the next month, the security system has been upgraded, and we are off to New York.

It is 9:54 a.m., Central Standard Time, and I am flying somewhere over the Midwest on an Express Jet bound for Newark, where a driver will pick me up and take me to my hotel in New York City.  Then, I’m traveling to a second city for more business but I’ll write about that when it happens.


We flew out of Kansas City on a direct flight to Newark, where a driver will pick us up and take us to our hotel in Manhattan.

Aaron and my mom are with me on this trip.  Aaron is sitting behind me trying to sleep and my mom is to my left playing Phase 10 on her iPad.  I tried playing a new tower defense game but don’t have the concentration for it – I only slept for three hours last night because I had to get everything turned over and ready for the house sitters.
Kansas City Airport

It looks like a good day for flying. This was the view from my seat as I read a book before going through security.

Tammy Jet

My mom was getting her iPad ready before we got on the plane.

Aaron Plane

Aaron was doing the same thing ...

The flight attendant just handed me a Coca-Cola and I want to start reading a new book I bought about the psychology of prices.  It attempts to explain why people pay certain amounts for goods and services.  I think it might be useful in understanding value propositions in consumer theory, which can help me grow the companies and my net worth.  Plus, I enjoy psychology books, anyway.

I’m off to read … Hope you all are having a good day!

The view from my seat on the plane ...