Map Out Your Life Goals

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If you were going to take a family vacation, you would never just get in the car and start driving, picking random turns at intersections. If you did, you would be lucky to end up anywhere meaningful. The chances of stumbling upon a Disneyland or New York would be remotely small.

Map Out Your Life Goals

Instead, you decide where you want to go and you calculate the best route to get there (whether you want speed, even if the drive is a little less pleasant – or enjoyable scenery, even if it takes a bit longer to arrive).

Success in life is no different.  The best way to end up where you want to be is to figure out where you want to go.  Find the people, the places, and the institutions that can help you get there and then make them part of your life.  Every day, make progress, travel a little more distance, and enjoy yourself.  Things will never end up as you planned, but they can be better if you open yourself up to life and remain flexible.