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Epcot is on the agenda for today.  We’re having Mexican for lunch and then going to visit the various areas of the world. 

Epcot Disney Park

We arrived at Epcot this morning ...

Before we head off to the lunch reservation, we briefly stopping at another art gallery.  Alas, no more Scrooge McDuck merchandise but there was some other cool stuff.

Alternative Sleeping Beauty Art at Disney Epcot

I don't know why but I really liked the alternative style Disney Sleeping Beauty artwork.

The Princess and the Frog Disney Artwork

I also liked the style used in this Princess and the Frog artwork.

Jungle Book Painting at Disney's Epcot

I also liked the color of this Jungle Book painting ...

Snow White Disney Art

The Snow White painting was also nice but it didn't quite look like the classic Disney character, which was clearly purposeful (this Snow White was more beautiful in a traditional sense) ... still, I liked it.

Cool Disney Painted Figurines

I liked the oddly painted Disney characters but no one else did ...

Disney Castle Architecture

I liked this poster comparing the architectural renderings for Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World with the final constructed building.

We’re going to ride the Finding Nemo attraction simply because we can (no line) and then heading over to get our reservation before a day of Epcot adventure.

The Epcot Lake

The center lake around which the different nations are arranged in Epcot.