April 18, 2015


Back in 2011 during one of our family vacations to Walt Disney World, I decided when standing in the middle of the World of Disney store that instead of buying the usual gadgets and gizmos, I would pick up 100 shares of common stock in the Walt Disney Company, creating an on-going academic experiment as a way to not only demonstrate the power of compounding, but serve as a teaching tool to my future children and grandchildren. I continued this tradition the next year. On Wednesday, April 24th, 2013, I decided that I was going to expand the program to include non-Disney vacations. Whenever we travel somewhere, I am going to pick up shares of companies related to the trip or that reminds me of the experience (think of it as an investor's version of a scrapbook). These holdings are kept in a real-time updated spreadsheet that breaks down the returns of this fun academic experiment of mine.

It’s a Holly Jolly Day to Buy Some Ownership in Walt Disney

The View to the Right of Our Table Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe Disneyland

It's Friday but judging by the weak Wifi signal in the hotel, this post may not go live for who knows how long.  My dad arrived this morning to spend the weekend out here in California with my mom.  We all went over to the Disneyland park and had brunch together at the Holly Jolly Bakery Cafe with Ashly, our godson Evan, and later, Chuck and Linda joined us.  With the Blue Ribbon Bakery gone and replaced by a Starbucks (something I maintain was one of the few mistakes made by management during th … [Read more...]

Thor and Elsa Just Helped Disney Shatter Profit Records

Thor Asgardian Light Armor

It's clear I shouldn't have been buying 100 shares as a souvenir every time I went to one of the Disney parks.  Instead, I should have added quite a few zeros behind the number.   Thanks in no small part to these two, The Walt Disney Company just reported a record shattering 34% increase in quarterly profits.  I'm at my desk now reading through the results.  Thor brought in the prime male demographic, while Elsa catapulted Frozen to the status of all-time highest grossing animated film, with the … [Read more...]

The Disney Dividend Day Approaches (and the Biggest Stockholder Is Getting a $112+ Million Check)

Disney Dividend Day

This Thursday is dividend day at The Walt Disney Company; that magical time of year, normally occurring in January, when the owners are sent their direct deposits or checks, depending on how they hold their stock.  Last year, each share earned after-tax profits of $3.38, of which $0.86 is being shipped out as cash.  The other $2.52 is getting plowed back in for growth and share repurchases; new rides, new movies, and major acquisitions, such a Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm, or enhancements such a … [Read more...]

I Overhauled the VSIP Portfolio Spreadsheet To Reflect Disney’s Recently Reported 2013 Fiscal Year Results

Mickey Mouse Walt Disney Dividend Stock

It's been at least one business quarter since I've mentioned the entertaining academic experiment I started running during the family's annual Disney vacations back in 2011 when I picked up 100 shares of The Walt Disney Company.  Since then, whenever we'd make a trip, I've added to the stake, with the most recent additions coming during the World of Color show and lunch at Club 33 in Disneyland when we flew out there this spring to meet with friends over a weekend. I shorthand this habit as the … [Read more...]

Disney MyMagic+ Program to Cost $800 Million to $1 Billion

Disney MyMagic+

The Walt Disney Company has released information and images of MyMagic+, its upcoming technology expansion at the global theme parks.  The project is brilliant.  Not only is MyMagic+ likely to make customers much happier, it is probably going to result in a significant increase in per room spending at the resorts.  The New York Times has an excellent story on it, along with an image of what the band is going to look like thanks to Disney's promotional graphics.  A quick perusal of the facts and y … [Read more...]

More Disney Shares Added to the Souvenir Portfolio After a Weekend at Disneyland

Joshua Kennon Aaron Green World of Color Disneyland

As I briefly mentioned in passing while I was in Anaheim, I continued my tradition and bought more shares of The Walt Disney Company as a souvenir during the weekend trip to Southern California (hoodies and ball-caps are nice momentos, but why not buy the business itself?).  This year, there were two trades.  The first trade was placed on Saturday during lunch at Club 33, and executed Monday morning.  I then made an additional purchase in memory of The World of Color at Grand California Adven … [Read more...]

The First Disney Shares I Bought When I Started the VSIP Are Now Up Over 100%

Mickey Mouse

The original 100 shares of The Walt Disney Company I bought back in 2011 when I started the VSIP as a fun little academic experiment have now exceeded a 100% profit.  For every $100 I gave Mickey Mouse, he came back with $200.21.  Err ... more specifically, I wrote him a check for $3,304 and he came back with $6,480 in stock and $135 in dividends. It seemed fairly valued to me back then, meaning I underestimated the growth, as well as the series of big wins the firm was about to enjoy, i … [Read more...]

A Reinvested Dividend Update on the Walt Disney Company Experiment I’ve Been Running

Mickey Mouse Comics

I made an update to the small academic experiment I've been running on The Walt Disney Company since my family vacation two years ago when I began purchasing 100 shares of stock as a souvenir each time we went to one of the theme parks.  Given that we talked about it on the blog in the past, it seemed only fair to try and keep a running tally of what is going on with the security. To date, I have written two checks to acquire shares, which I posted about at the time: On 08/30/2011 bought 100 … [Read more...]

I Continued My Tradition of Buying 100 Shares of The Walt Disney Company During the Family’s Annual Vacation

Walt Disney Stock as a Gift 100 Shares

I was enjoying the view on Main Street so much, watching Mary Poppins take photographs with happy families and kids, babies get pushed around in strollers, and old couples walking hand-in-hand, that I decided it was the perfect time to buy the now-habitual 100 shares of Walt Disney Company common stock to serve as a souvenir of the trip.   If you remember, I started the habit of buying Disney stock during our vacation last year.   If I continue taking these vacations at least once per year, wh … [Read more...]

I Bought 100 Shares of The Walt Disney Company as a Souvenir During My Visit to the Resort

World of Disney in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida

After breakfast this morning at the Animal Kingdom lodge, we headed over to Downtown Disney.  As we shopped for souvenirs before flying back to Kansas City tomorrow, I was in the enormous World of Disney store when I realized the best possible souvenir I could have would be ownership in the business.  From the kitchen section, surrounded by Mickey Mouse spatulas and Minnie Mouse oven mitts, I took out my phone, remotely logged into one of my personal brokerage accounts, and purchased a small mem … [Read more...]