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Last Thursday, we had a homemade balsamic chicken pizza with Ricotta cheese and sautéed onions; an original creation thanks to our dinner guest!  I am just now getting all of the pictures online because of family and business stuff to which I had to attend to this weekend.

Balsamic Chicken Pizza with Ricotta Cheese and Sauteed Onions Fresh from the Oven

The pizza was garnished with a balsamic vinegar, adding great flavor. After the first pieces were served, here is the pizza fresh from the oven only a few seconds earlier.

Fresh from the Oven Balsamic Chicken Pizza

Fresh from the oven, the chicken pizza took less than an hour prepare and had a unique flavor profile that people are sure to remember.  Aaron was wild about it.

More pictures …

Homemade Pizza Chicken Ricotta Cheese Spread

Instead of using mostly tomato based pizza sauce, the chicken pizza featured a ricotta cheese spread with sauteed onions melted into it.

Slice of Homemade Balsamic Chicken Pizza

Although very tasty, the homemade balsamic chicken pizza was prepared with health in mind. The ricotta cheese was low fat, each tablespoon of balsamic vinegar had only ten calories, everything was baked, and the lean chicken was prepared comparably.