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“La molesse est douce, et sa suite est cruelle.”

“La molesse est douce, et sa suite est cruelle.”
Translation: Idleness is sweet, and its consequences are cruel.

Attributed to John Quincy Adams, in his diary.  Unverified.

I read that quote and something occurred to me: I am successful not as the result of luck or chance, but because when others talk about writing books, I’m am in my office putting pen to paper, crafting a manuscript.  While others talk about starting businesses, I’m getting licenses, permits, and regulatory filings prepared, approving vendors, and reviewing budgets.  And while others say, “Someday, my ship will come in,” I have already long jumped off the cliffs and am swimming full speed toward the boat, gun-on-back so I can take it over when I climb aboard (battered and bruised, perhaps, but still alive).

Everyone always says they are going to do something, “someday”.  Someday doesn’t exist.  There is only today.

That begs the question: If you want to do something, why not today?  Plans without deadlines are nothing but fanciful dreams.

You cannot pay today’s bills with tomorrow’s dreams, but you can pay for tomorrow’s reality with today’s work.