Summer Pineapple Coconut Semifreddo Carthay Circle Disneyland

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You know I love The World of Color.  There is a restaurant called Carthay Circle that offers a three-course dinner.  If you dine there before a certain time, it includes a reserved ticket to a premium viewing area so you can watch the show from one of the best spots without having to stake out your place hours beforehand.  If any of you are ever going to attend the show, I highly recommend going this route!  Not only is it easier, you can try the new dessert menu, which just debuted this week.

Summer Pineapple Coconut Semifreddo Carthay Circle Disneyland

The new “Summer Pineapple Coconut Semifreddo with Vanilla Rum Pineapple Conserve and Chilled Tropical Fruit Broth” is really an upscale Dole Whip.  I loved it.

Vairhona Milk Chocolate Creme Brulee Tart Carthay Circle Disneyland

Aaron ordered the “Vairhona Milk Chocolate Creme Brulee Tart with Fresh Marinated Raspberries and Chocolate Sauce”, which he liked, too.

Carthay Circle Menu for World of Color Three Course Meal

The three-course World of Color dinner package includes a preferred ticket to a reserved viewing area, and you pick one selection from each section. The whole thing was only $59 before tax.

My mom has never seen the show.  She loves this sort of thing and this avoid us having to stay out in the brutal heat wave.  We’re going to meander over there after dinner and it should start a few minutes thereafter.

Update: Yeah, these spots are nice!

Carthay Circle Reserved Viewing The World of Color

The spots that came with our dinner are fantastic! I’d do this everytime; why wait in line?