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We’ve looked around Santa Barbara and now it’s time to head out to the countryside; specifically, the Danish town of Solvang.  The trip was like going through a more beautiful version of my home state of Missouri.  It even included seeing the first cattle farm we’ve spotted in the entire time we’ve been in California.  Who’d have thought it possible to miss cows?  Yet, I felt nostalgic and a bit homesick as we went past their pasture.

Going Towards Solvang

We’re leaving the Isla Vista side of Santa Barbara and heading out to Danish country, specifically, Solvang …

Going Through the Mountains Towards Solvang

The mountains began changing. It’s weird how some mountains support huge forest and others are a lot more barren.

Tiny Tunnel on Way to Solvang

Uh … this tunnel tricked us. I ended a phone call because I was going into it and, yet, it was like 5 feet long. In Pennsylvania, when you go into a tunnel, it can be a mile. What was that, California?  You clearly don’t know how to tunnel.

More Driving to Solvang California

… more driving. The landscape is getting very dramatic, with huge drops and hills. It’s also starting to look suspiciously more like a non-flat version of Missouri.

Santa Barbara Blueberries

There was a farm selling blueberries. They had a big sign up for their official website. Apparently you can go pick your own fresh blueberries?  I love this.

Buellton California

It makes me so incredibly happy that there is a town so proud of its split pea soup it finds it worthy of a billboard announcing its existence long before you enter. I love how things like this organically happen in communities.


OSTRICHLAND USA advertises its attraction as, “Feed This Bad Boy”.  Note that it’s not a request.  Osterich demands to be fed.

Beautiful Farm Street Outside Buellton

There is an amazing street near Buellton, California with picturesque cattle farms, vineyards, and horse ranches on either side.

Beautiful Farms Outside Buellton

Even the fences were perfect.  I could see buying a ranch in a place like this.

Cattle Farm Outside Buellton

This makes me miss Kansas City …

Tractor California

And it opens up into a field with a tractor. This is the Kansas City suburbs, only you have these much more attractive mountains in the background. It makes me want to fly home.

We aren’t far from Solvang.  I’ll try and update with pictures of it later.