Italian Masks and Masquerade Costumes
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One of my sisters likes to collect this sort of thing (unique masks and art) so I’m sending this out from the vacation so she can see it.  Unless you have a particular affinity for this sort of thing, you probably won’t find this interesting but I think they’re fascinating.  It’s a shame the tradition of masquerade balls fell out of favor.  I can see how they would be enjoyable.  We came across them in the Italian section of Walt Disney World’s Epcot park.

Italian Masks Blue and Gold

I like the blue one with the gold in the lower right ... Aaron and I were laughing we should put a "mask room" in at headquarters and make people wait in it just to see their reaction.

Italian Masks in Black and Diamond

There was considerable detail put into the Italian masks ...

Italian Masks in Display Case

More of the Italian masks ...

High Italian Masks

There were some more expensive models put well out of reach of customers ...

Italian Masks on Table

More Italian masks on a display table ...