Josh and Aaron on the Beach

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We have dinner reservations at Citricos tonight, which is supposed to be a wonderful restaurant.  We are tired, got on the monorail from Epcot, and decided to checkout The Polynesian Resort before heading over to The Grand Floridian, where the restaurant is located.  Here’s a little bit of what happened over the few hours during that time period.

Walt Disney World Polynesian Resort

We left Epcot, took the monorail to the Polynesian resort, and looked through a couple of more shops and another art gallery before heading out to the beach ... the whole place is Hawaiian themed and had a very cool feel to it on the inside.

Josh and Aaron on Beach at Polynesian Resort

Aunt Donna wants more pictures of people in them, not just places, restaurants, etc. The real vacation pictures are normally all saved for the private photo books I have printed following a trip but I'll make a few exceptions and try to include more people in the pictures tonight if everyone allows it. It's a fine line, running this blog. I don't want to have to wake up one day and delete half of the posts, like we did a year or two ago. Here Aaron and I were, exhausted, having walked 10 or 15 miles thus far today, sitting on the beach at the Polynesian resort with Ashly on the phone to my right. The dining group has another dinner tonight.

We needed to get across the lake for our dinner reservations at Citricos in The Grand Floridian resort and hotel.  We were all exhausted and Ashly, Aaron, and Ian, the other three members of our regular dining group, took the ferry at the nearby dock.  Trying to temper the caloric excess, I decided to add another half mile or so to my tally for the day, put Britney Spear’s “Circus” (yes, I know I just admitted that) on my iPhone, and ran the beaches all the way across the lake.  It was a nice experience, though I was so exhausted it actually felt good.  

The Grand Floridian at Sunset Before Dinner

I pulled out my phone and took this picture as I approached The Grand Floridian on foot, jogging from The Polynesian Resort across the lake.

Grand Floridian Reception at Walt Disney World

I walked into reception and made my way to the stairs ...

The Grand Floridian Band at Walt Disney World

There was a band playing in the hotel. The quality of the music is very high here (and my standards are ruthless and unforgiving given that I paid for my undergraduate degree on a music performance scholarship). Disney knows entertainment.

I went into some of the shops and then met up with Aaron, Ashly, and Ian who arrived from the boat.  

Aaron and Josh at Bird Cage in The Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World

I liked the giant bird cages so we got a picture in front of them for Aunt Donna, who wants to see more people!

Golf Shop at The Grand Floridian

We headed into the golf shop to look for something ... I don't recall.

View of the Polynesian Resort at Sunset from The Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World

I went to the window of the golf shop in The Grand Floridian and you can see the beach and the Polynesian Resort across the lake. That is where we just were (the picture of Aaron and I was taken on the beach across the lake). I took the trail along the right side of the beach winding its way to this resort to meet up with the party.

Time to go … the reservation time has arrived.  I’m hungry, following the horrible Mexican lunch earlier today, and exhausted.  Let’s see how this goes.