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This is a great way to start the day … one of the reasons I love writing this blog.


[In American Households Continue to Deleverage But That Only Tells Part of the Story, you wrote] “The numbers are just figures on a sheet trying to explain human behavior. Study the behavior, what is driving it, and the implications for the behavior, and you have a much better chance at truly understanding the situation and, more importantly, how to profit from it.”  

Mail Bag Mail IconThis is by far the most profound thing I’ve read–and I’ve read volumes here  over the past year. 

I was so stirred by your statement above, I revisited my budgets and saw clearly why, despite financial classes; books; websites; monthly budgets, I was still loosing in the financial game–my behavior. what I saw was saddening, but like a good rod-of-correction it motivated me to act differently. All the financial knowledge in the world is useless if inappropriate behavior(over spending)remains unchanged. I am an African American–if my culture understood this wisdom, oh how our community would thrive.

THANK U!! Your words are now my monthly muse, and I am starting to win. They even lessened my intimidation regarding reading/interpreting financial statements. Keep up the great work.

All the best,
Ms. Roxanne

What a wonderful message!  Thank you for taking the time to write it.  Ms. Roxanne, there is nothing special that I, or anyone else, has done that can’t work just as well for you.  I hope, from the bottom of my heart, you continue to win, and that you get anything and achieve everything you ever desired in life.