Mail Bag Question for Joshua Kennon

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This might be one of the oddest questions I’ve ever received …

Mail Bag Question for Joshua KennonDear Mr. Kennon,

After your recent Walt Disney World vacation and the posts showing your travels, which of the Princesses is your favorite? 


Unexpected question.  I’ve never really thought or cared about the topic but, okay, if I had to choose,  I have two favorites in the Disney Princess lineup.    

  • Tiana from Disney's The Princess and the FrogTiana from The Princess and the Frog, the most recent installment in the Walt Disney Company’s blockbuster animation family.  The reason as to why can be found in her song, which include the lyrics, “I remember Daddy told me, ‘fairy tales can come true.  You gotta make them happen.  It all depends on you’.  So I work real hard each and every day and things for sure are going my way …”  Unlike many of the other fairy tale figures, Tiana works hard for what she has, she accomplishes it by virtue of her own dedication and passion, and she’s pursuing what she loves, not what is expected of her by friends, family, or society.  
  • Belle from Beauty and the Beast, who had a fiercely independent mind, didn’t care about anything other than bettering herself, learning as much as she could, and being kind.  Had she found love with the town janitor, she would have been just as content to settle down with him and still had the life she wanted (which is, to me, the definition of success).

Any reason you ask?  Why, what is your favorite Princess?