Thunderstorms at Disney World

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After dinner and dessert at the Yachtsman Club restaurant, we made our way back to The Magic Kingdom because we have reserved seating for the fireworks show at Cinderella’s castle.  The whole thing is themed as a dessert service but I doubt any of us are going to be able to eat anything else, though a black coffee would be welcome at this point.  Entering the park, it looks like the staff must have put up the Autumn decorations this morning because the entire Main Street area has begun to transform into shades of oranges and yellows.  The thunderstorm turned it into a painting; it’s gorgeous here.  I wish the pictures did it justice.

[mainbodyad]There is so much you haven’t seen on this trip – including me finalizing my contract for the next twelve months standing in a bakery as I spoke to my editor in New York on my phone, psychology papers discussing the influence of order and style statement on individual preference (I’m going to have a lot to say about that in a future essay), nights of hanging out in the room with friends or lounging by the pool after midnight, video chats on our iPads, amusement park rides, roller coasters, shows, me reviewing the annual SEC filings of some media companies at 3 a.m., shopping for Princess toys for the younger family members, and the personal anecdotes and stories that I’d share in person but not commit to writing.  That’s the nature of the medium, though.  It comes with the territory.

This is our last full day in Orlando.  By this time tomorrow, we’ll be flying back to Kansas City.  Then, it’s onto an 80th-birthday-surprise-party for one of my grandmothers and a few other events before returning to the office next week.  

Disney World Train Depot and Rainstorm

We entered The Magic Kingdom as the thunderstorm began to subside and night began to fall. In person, the whole scene was stunning. I wish photographs could capture what it felt like in that moment.

Entering the Town Square at Disney

We made our way into the town square ...

Disney Town Square During the Thunderstorm

Just another picture of the Disney town square as we were walking toward Main Street ...

Main Street at Walt Disney World After Thunderstorm

They had begun to transform Main Street into the Autumn theme, which wasn't here yesterday. We made our way down Main Street toward the Castle to get our reserved seats for the fireworks show.

At the Castle Before the Fireworks Show

Night started to fall, the castle became illuminated, and we waited to get our credentials to enter the reserved area for the fireworks ...

The Waterfront at Night

The crowds began to gather at the waterfront.