Yachtsman Club New York Steak

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Dinner tonight was at the Yachtsman Club restaurant in Orlando, Florida, on the Walt Disney World property (specifically, the Yacht and Beach Club resort).  It’s a classic steakhouse menu that comes highly recommended.  The bar is going to be set high after dinner at Citricos last night and The California Grill prior to that but the menu looks promising.

Mango Smoothies at the Yachtsman Club

Both Aaron and I ordered mango smoothies, as we have done almost every night at dinner throughout the trip ...


Appetizers from the Yachtsman Club

Lobster Bisque at the Yachtsman Club

For my appetizer, I ordered the lobster bisque with maine lobster, herbes de provence bescuit, and roe chantilly. It was so delicious that I could have eaten another one as my main dish. I need to learn to make this.

Caesar Salad from the Yachtsman Club

Aaron had the Caesar salad ...

Ahi Tuna Crudo

Ashly ordered the Ahi Tuna Crudo with celery mignonnette, salt cod aioli, and American osetra caviar.

Charcuterie Board at the Yachtsman Club

Ian ordered the charcuterie board with smoked duck sausage, wild boar terrine, mangalitsa pork rillettes, chicken pate, soppressata, artisanal cheese, and accoutrements.


Entrees from the Yachtsman Club

24 Ounce Center Cut Porterhouse Steak at the Yachtsman Club

Both Aaron and Ashly ordered the 24 ounce center cut porterhouse steak for their main entree at the Yachtsman Club in the Yacht Club resort at Walt Disney World. It featured smoked paprika fries and roasted garlic butter.

New York Strip Steak at Yachtsman Club

I had the 12 ounce prime NewYork stripe steak with carmody potato gratin and peppercorn brandy sauce. I had horseradish on the side.

Grilled Onions in White Balsamic and Butter

I ordered caramelized onions in white balsamic and butter as a garnish for my New York strip steak ... they were perfect.

Beef Wellington Deconstructed from the Yachtsman Club

Ian ordered the beef wellington deconstructed with a trio of wild mushroom duxelles, puff pastry, parsnips, potatoes, carrots, and cabernet wine sauce.

Dessert at the Yachtsman Club

Chocolate Peanut Dessert

My dessert was the chocolate-peanut with vairhona chocolate brownie, smoked peanut panna cotta, and vanilla gelato.

Lemon Pudding Cake

Aaron and Ian ordered the lemon pudding cake with blueberry shake, fruit leather, and Mt. Tam cheese.

Habanero infused Flourless Chocolate Cake

Ashly ordered the Habanero infused flourless chocolate cake with mango compote and lime sorbet.

Review and Value for the Money of the Yachtsman Club

The entire dinner cost roughly $380.00 (around $310.00 for food and $60.00 for tip) but it was very much worth it. It was more a classic steakhouse menu than many of the other restaurants, but the quality of the cut along with the horseradish sauce and caramelized onions was, for me, flawless.  I’m beyond thrilled.  I would definitely return to the Yachtsman Club restaurant at Walt Disney World in the future.