Aaron at Yacht Club

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It’s been a full day so far.  I’m not going to post most of the pictures of our events but we weren’t able to track down the Disneyland Blue Bayou drink anywhere in Walt Disney World, we saw a lot of stuff, did many more things, hung out with people, and now the four foodie groupies are heading to our dinner reservation.  

At this point, I’m tired of blogging about food (I have about a dozen ideas for some really fantastic essays on business, psychology, sociology, and finance I’ve been writing in my mind) but to be consistent, I’m going to finish it.  It’s giving you a really skewed sense of how we spend our time – there are no pictures of the roller coasters, attractions, rides, time at the resort before and after hours, etc.  But all of that is in my private vacation albums so I suppose it doesn’t particularly matter.  Anyway, we’re having dinner at the Yachtsman Club tonight and we are making our way over to the restaurant now from the Boardwalk side.

Boardwalk Disney

The Boardwalk hotel and surrounding boardwalk was nice. It had a great feel to it and I could see why people stay in the resort.

On the Pier at Walt Disney World

We made our way to the pier, got on the boat, and crossed to the Yachtsman resort side.

The Yachtsman Resort at Walt Disney World

The Yachtsman Resort had an enormous globe in the lobby. My living room needs this.

Aaron at the Yacht Club resort at Walt Disney World

I went to the bar, ordered a coffee, and sat down to wait for our dinner reservations. Eventually, everyone else met up, too. Aaron was sitting across from me and since Aunt Donna wants more pictures of people, and she's crazy about Aaron, this should suffice. The rest of the pictures will stay in my vacation album and get put on a disc to send to everyone else involved - I'm all blogged out and tired of uploading photos.

Ian at Yacht Club

Ian with his pre-dinner drink ... but I don't remember what it was!