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One of the greatest observations, and most empowering truths, ever penned, uttered, conceived by the human mind came into being when Alice Koller had the strength of character to admit to herself:

I’ve arrived at this outermost edge of my life by my own actions.  Where I am is thoroughly unacceptable.  Therefore, I must stop what I have been doing.

Countless people would begin to have a real shot at happiness, and fulfillment, if they accepted this way of thinking.  They spend so much time looking back upon the mistakes they made rather than changing the behavior that caused them in the first place.  So you screwed up.  Big deal.  Forgive yourself.  Move on.  Start building a better life.  Find the work you want to do, be brave enough to honestly assess what you desire without fear of failure or rejection holding you back, and throw yourself into it with everything you have.  If you come up short, so what?  You’re in the exact same position you are now, only you can at least hold your head high.