Rockefeller Center Flags

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We just left St. Patrick’s Cathedral and are going to work our way down to Broadway to see Mary Poppins tonight, after which we have reservations at Carmine’s, an Italian restaurant that serves family-style dishes.

Jewelry at Saks Fifth Avenue Flagship

I liked the chairs against the white marble in one of the jewelry areas of the flagship Saks store on 5th Avenue. It's funny because I remember buying shares of Saks as a teenager. Here I was, a kid in the Midwest, collecting part of the earnings from the handbags, perfumes, ties, shirts, and dresses sold in the legendary retail institution.

Charvet Shirting Fabrics at Saks

I loved this shirting fabric from Charvet.

Shirt from Saks

I liked the Italian shirts ...

Brioni Tie from Saks Fifth Avenue

and the Brioni ties ...

Mom Shopping for Purses at Saks

My mom wanted to look through the purses ...

Rockefeller Center

We walked through Rockefeller Center and started to make our way over to Times Square ...

Rockefeller Center Flags

The flags are one of my favorite things in Rockefeller Center ...

Fast Money Filming on CNBC

We walked past Fast Money filming and watched for a few seconds before continuing on down to the Broadway district.

We ended up waiting in a McDonald’s next to the theatre for about 30 to 45 minutes until the house opened.