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At least that is my personal opinion.  Finally!  At this point, I had taken a bite of (and spit out) more cupcakes than you can imagine.  Some of these legendary bakeries made products that tasted liked Crisco or raw butter.  But we heard about a new little cupcake shop that had opened in Princeton, New Jersey called The House of Cupcakes and that had won a television show called “Cupcake Wars”.  We made our way there and walked in to order.

The short version: House of Cupcakes rocks.  They were fantastic.  You could tell the shop didn’t have a lot of money for leasehold improvements – no mahogany walls or candy jars, just great cupcakes served by friendly people.  I hope they make a ton of money, become widely known, and build a franchise.  I wish them all the best in the world.

Cupcakes in Princeton, New Jersey

There were a wide variety of cupcake flavors and choices including apple filled, vanilla filled, vanilla chocolate chip, espresso brownie, brownie, carrot cake, strawberry shortcake, pineapple filled, black forest cake, mum mum, candy cup, cappuccino, boston cream, coconut snowball, peanut butter cup, vanilla and chocolate, mint chocolate chip, german chocolate, and so much more.

Ordering Cupcakes in Princeton, New Jersey

We waited in line to order our cupcakes ...

House of Cupcakes in Princeton, New Jersey

We ordered six cupcakes, two for each of us (actually, I only ordered one since my heart was set on a vanilla filled cupcake). I think we had red velvet (Aaron's favorite), vanilla filled (my favorite), mint chocolate chip, German chocolate, and then two other chocolate types.

I have no idea what the House of Cupcakes prices were like; I just didn’t pay attention.  They are good, though, so you need to try them if you are a cupcake lover.  We have crowned a victor.  These crush the cupcakes from all the different places we tried in New York.