Diana Speaking at Her Event

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Tonight, Aaron and I attended a concert designed to benefit a scholarship setup in honor of one of our favorite professors, Diana Crane, now that she has decided to retire.  We agreed to speak at the event and had the Kennon & Green Foundation make a donation to the fund.  I was grateful that I had my voice back, could stand upright, and actually attend let alone make a sound! The performers were very good and I enjoyed meeting Diana’s family, hearing about experiences others had shared with her, and her career.

It was a wonderful evening. By the end of the night, the scholarship fund had raised $18,000 out of the necessary $25,000 required to endow it.  The money is designed to be used to help send promising foreign language students overseas as part of their college experience.

Campus Before the Concert

We sat outside in the quad on a bench before the concert began; the skies were overcast but it was really nice weather.

Talking to Aaron Before Concert

We ended up running into several classmates outside the concert venue and talking. It was wonderful.

Performers at Diana's Concert

Some of the performers at the Diana Crane scholarship benefit concert ...

Diana Performer Four

More performances at the scholarship benefit concert ...

Josh and Aaron Speaking at Concert

Aaron and I speaking, recounting some of our experiences with Diana Crane during our undergraduate years when she helped structure our degree programs to straddle both the business school and the music school. She was also over the internship program, which had an enormous influence on our careers.

Diana Speaking at Her Event

At the end of the concert, Professor Crane stood up and thanked everyone for the evening.


Jimmy flew in from Houston! We hadn't seen him in three years but we have promised to get down there and see him in his new home, job, and life.

More Diana Benefit Concert

More pictures from the benefit concert reception. You should recognize Erika from lunch the other day.

Diana Laughing Concert

The reception ....

Diana Concert Three

More from the reception ...