Small City in Texas from Hotel

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I am in a small city in Texas on business.  I need to stop by several of the cities here to accomplish various things.  As of this moment, I’m in Waco.  We were in Fort Worth this afternoon and Oklahoma City this morning.  Tomorrow, I’m heading to Dallas for a few days for an unrelated business matter for a different project.  I have only slept three hours in the past two days going over figures and data, but I am now sitting on the top floor of the local Hilton, overlooking the river as the traffic goes by under the Texas flag, snacking on fresh fruit and cookies brought up by room service, drinking a really good cup of black coffee, as I load the new Civilization V: Gods and Kings steam expansion.  

 There are several people with my group that don’t want to be mentioned or photographed on the blog, so the public posts will probably be limited to restaurant reviews, shopping trips, and other non-personal information.  If you are family or a close friend, you should see substantially expanded posts with more detail about what we are doing and why I need to do a 1,400+ round-trip marathon in less than a week.

Room Service in Waco, Texas

The hotel had fresh baked cookies, fruit platters, chocolate covered strawberries, and other goodies ready in the room when we arrived.


Small City in Texas from Hotel

Looking out the window from the hotel …

It’s going to be a busy week but so far, this is a nice little city.