Tom Brier Ragtime

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There seems to be a misconception that ragtime music died along with the western saloons and brothels in which it reached its fruition.  That isn’t true.  If you grew up playing Nintendo, you may not even realize that you are a huge ragtime fan.  You know dozens of ragtime hits and hearing them will probably take you back to a special place in childhood.

To introduce people to the genre, YouTube user Keeper1st had well-known ragtime pianist Tom Brier sight read, with no prior exposure, some scores from classic Nintendo games.  Here is a sampling.  It’s amazing to see Tom analyze the score and then one his second or third time through, add so much life to it.

Take a few minutes to realize just how much ragtime is part of your history.  It may blossom into a new love for you to explore.

Athletic Mario

The end of Super Mario Brothers

The end of The Legend of Zelda

Snow Mountain Theme from Mario

Mario Party “Faster Than All” Music

Final Fantasy VI: Spinach Rag (Really ‘Pineapple Rag’ by Scott Joplin)

Final Fantasy IX: Treno, The City That Never Sleeps

Mario Kart Yoshi Valley

Mario Bros. 2 Theme

Pokemon Red/Blue Game Corner Theme

Nyan Cat

Skip to the 3:58 mark after Tom has had a chance to see the score and figure out what he wants to do with it. He then brings Nyan cat to life.