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The weather has finally turned nice in the Kansas City region so my day was spent in the landscaping section of several home improvement stores, picking up entire trees, flowers, garden supplies, and landscaping features.  We ended up going everywhere from Lowe’s to local businesses to find what we wanted.  I’m exhausted, and can hardly move, but it is a good feeling.  The only thing left to do are a handful of small maintenance items, and then have the lawncare people change the location of one of the sprinklers so they don’t saturate one of the rows of roses.

Landscaping and Flowers

There are hanging plants that have to be kept shaded. They attract hummingbirds, which are cool to watch.


Custom Planters from Landscaping We Made

The custom hangers we made after going to the garden center and picking out plants …


Potting Flowers

I was responsible for potting the Calla Lilies, which were mostly going in this giant green glazed pot for the upper balcony in the back, which looks over the forest.


Knockout Rose Bushes

The Knockout Rose Bushes are a variety of rose bush that flower all the way until November, in almost all weather, require very little upkeep, and will eventually fill the area so large that you won’t be able to see the edge of the sidewalk or the stone barrier. They will come back every year. By the time they are done growing, this is what they will look like.


Hanging Plants for Landscaping

It got late so we had to give up and will start in on the project tomorrow morning …

I am a builder at heart.  Investing, teaching, farming … it’s all the same.  I like seeing things grow.  It’s the same temperament applied to different areas of life.  

This exhaustion feels so good right now.  It’s almost like a runner’s high.  Improving things is awesome.  Find something in your life that could be better and then make it better.  It sounds simple, and it is.  Just do it.  Even if no one else appreciates it, you’ll get satisfaction out of having made your corner of the sky nicer.

The best way to do it is just to go.  Take action.  Pick an area to upgrade and jump into the project.  By the time you’ve made progress, you’re committed to finishing it and too far gone to retreat.