Tower of Terror Disney Hollywood Studios

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I woke up this morning, got dressed, and headed down to get a cup of the Nescafe coffee that made me so happy last night

Swimming Pool at the Animal Kingdom Deluxe resort in Walt Disney World Orlando Florida

I walked by the pool on the way to get my coffee. The weather is definitely different than Kansas City. It's already well over 90 degrees and the humidity is so insane that if you put on a wrinkled polo shirt, it will look pressed and ironed in ten minutes.

The plan for the morning is to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park.  Apparently, they put on full scale Broadway reproductions of the Disney musicals but we won’t have time to do that because our schedule is jam-packed and I vastly underestimated how enormous the Disney World resort as a whole is.  It’s not even comparable to Disneyland in terms of size and scope.

Disney Hollywood Studios

We made our way into the Disney Hollywood Studios theme park.

Tower of Terror at Disney Hollywood Studios

The Tower of Terror made a great backdrop for the theme park. Me? I'm not going to ride it - my idea of fun isn't simulating an elevator crash. Though, it's one of those rides I might go on if my mood were right.

Topiary at Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

I was impressed by the level of detail in the topiary. I guess you can tell I'm almost 30 and not 8 years old that I find this type of thing interesting.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie  Mouse Candy and Chocolate Apples

The Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse candy and chocolate apples looked really nice. I'm amazed by the marketing reinforcement in the Disney parks. And the company's brilliant logistical management. This is an organization to be studied by civil authorities and other companies.

Tim Burton Merchandise at Disney

One of my sisters loves Tim Burton stuff ... they were beginning to put it out for Halloween.

Sleeping Beauty Toys

I browsed through the toys for the kids in the family ...

We have lunch reservations at The Brown Derby, which is a recreation of the famous Hollywood restaurant.  I’ll let you know how that goes!  In the meantime, several folks are off to ride the Rockin’ Roller coaster and the Tower of Terror.